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A total immersion in the English language and Canadian culture.


Activity Choices


You will experience Canadian life and interact in English both at the CLS homestay and in local communities. Research shows that students remember language best in the context in which it is learned. Therefore, activities in the community are an important part of the curriculum. All activities will have a language learning or cultural focus. Examples of some activity choices  are listed for the Salmon Arm area.  There are many other activities in other communities, also.


All activities will be chosen by the students  and will be based on what is available in the local communities. Transportation to the activities is by private car driven by the teacher. Also, your teacher will be at the activity to support you as needed.


Examples of Activities


in local communities  


- music festivals

- live theatre

- films

- local historic sites

- auctions

- garage sales

- meetings

- art gallery


- visit museums

- eat at potluck dinners

- hike in local parks

- take a waterfall tour

- shop at farmer markets

- have a horseback-riding lesson

- picnic at local parks

- karaoke Canadian style!


 at the CLS homestay -  for recreation and relaxation

- visit the neighboring farms

- read the local newspaper

- stargaze the night sky

- watch the sun/moon rise in the east

- snowshoe in winter

- store firewood 

- watch the clouds drift by (relax!)

- assist with meal preparation

- go for a naturewalk 

- garden

- cycle the country roads 

- take photos

- identify animal tracks 

- watch a movie using DVD or video

- cycle to the Post Office for newspapers

- watch the migration of Canada geese, spring and fall

- have informal conversation with the teacher and other students

- pick apples, make applesauce, preserve food (canning) in the fall


Service Learning- Hands On, Practical Experience

This is another option to increase the language and cultural experience. We know that students want more from their language learning experience than just classroom practice. Therefore, we provide opportunities for hands-on experience doing community work as a volunteer- service learning. This is in keeping with our motto live it to learn it. Tasks will vary each session but will be matched to each student interest. Examples of tasks are: helping with a local food security program, setting up a music event, or working at the fall fair. You will choose which community project you want to help with.


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