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Canada Language Study 


Live it to learn it.


A total immersion in the English language and Canadian culture.


Enrollment Agreement

1. Students must be adults, age 19 or over.

2. Students must be non-smokers. Students must not consume alcohol in the home or on the homestay property. They will share living accommodation with the teacher and other students.

3. Students must comply with Canada Language Study's Rules - Student Conduct and Dismissal Policy, Dispute Resolution and Privacy Policy.

4. Students who do not follow the policies and rules of Canada Language Study will be advised of this problem. If it cannot be solved, the student will be asked to leave. Refund policies apply. We will assist the student to find another school or homestay if they leave. We are always here to help the student.

5. Students must agree to the refund policy.

6.The full program fees must be paid before the program starts. Students will not be accepted at the Canada Language Study homestay until the full fees are paid.

7. Students must have their own medial insurance for the time they are a student at Canada Language Study. This is essential.

8. Students are expected to adhere to the English Only policy and every effort will be made to help the student with this.

9. Students must tell Canada Language Study of their arrival time at least 2 days before they arrive.

10. Students are completely responsible for anything that happens to them during their stay and during any activity that they do. Students do not have to do any activity that they do not want to. Students assume all risk of personal injury, death, or property loss resulting from any cause whatsoever. Canada Language Study is not responsible for any loss or damage to the student's personal belongings or property or any injury or death that happens to the student on or off the homestay location. Students should ensure that they have adequate insurance coverage.

11. Students authorize Canada Language Study to take any reasonable action it thinks is necessary for student's safety and well-being. An example is where urgent medical care is needed and it is not possible to contact the listed emergency contact person.

12. Students are responsible for getting the proper documents to enter Canada. Canada Language Study is not responsible if the student does not get them.

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