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Environmental Policy


Canada Language Study (CLS) recognizes that natural ecosystems provide the life support systems for all life on this planet. We humans are part of this system and must fit into the natural world. It is destructive and mistaken to dominate and manipulate nature. We adopt the concept of conservation as our guiding ethic – conservation of energy, air, soil, water, and matter. The human challenge is to make the smallest ecological footprint possible in our daily life. We strive to align our behaviours and practices at CLS with the conservation ethic. Our personal goal is to have a happy, healthy life on a happy, healthy planet.


At Canada Language Study daily life behaviours include fitting in to natural systems. Some examples are true recycling such as composting unused vegetable matter, developing re-use systems such as the use of glass jars for home canning, conserving energy by using human power as a substitute for gas burning engines when possible, and avoiding pollution such as by using non toxic building materials and furnishings in our home.


These principles will also be followed in the process of learning and teaching. For example, paper that is “good one side� will be reused, photocopies will be avoided and copying by the student or re-using texts will be done; materials from the public library will be used, and students will be challenged to find more conservation oriented ways of living.


Lessons on how an ecosystem works including the hydrology system will be offered to students. Canada Language Study is ideally situated in a natural area that provides practical observation of natural ecosystems – native vegetation, a creek, a variety of wildlife – birds, butterflies, deer, etc., all on the CLS homestay property. Fisheries systems and forests, a short drive away, are more examples of the natural world on which we depend for our health and survival.


Our goal for the environmental policy at Canada Language Study is to provide a good foundation for understanding the elements of ecosystems needed for a sustainable future - a good life on a sustainable plant.

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