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Canada Language Study 


Live it to learn it.


A total immersion in the English language and Canadian culture.


Teaching Methodology


Canada Language Study uses communicative teaching methodology and focuses on task-based learning. This gives you opportunities for practical use of everyday English in real-life situations. The course is designed to help you actually use your language skills not just learn about the language. You will improve fluency in speaking and listening including pronunciation plus experience Canadian culture. You will gain confidence in your English language ability and develop the communication skills necessary to function effectively in social and work situations. Since English is the only language available for communication, you should progress more quickly than traditional classroom situations where other languages are often spoken during lunch, coffee breaks and after school.


In-class activities include role-plays, leading discussions, interviews, information gaps, dialogues, debates, information exchange, problem solving, songs and games. A variety of contemporary ESL materials are used. These include up-to-date textbooks plus materials from real life -newspapers, songs, catalogues, movies, and radio interviews. Want to know more? Send us an e-mail with your questions.


Involvement and interaction in the community at local social, cultural and recreational events is an integral part of the program. You will use your English for real-life communication. You can experience life as a local resident, not just as a tourist.


Musical and Naturalistic Activities

The curriculum also includes activities to develop musical and naturalistic intelligences. These are two of the six areas of the Multiple Intelligences theory of learning . Most ESL teaching materials or classes do not include activities for these intelligences. The CLS homestay's rural setting on the edge of the forest - treed trails, stream, wildflowers and wildlife gives you opportunities to develop your naturalistic intelligence while also improving English language skills. Also, musical performances in the community, songs as class activities, and optional singing lessons will be used to develop musical intelligence. The ability to develop both naturalistic and musical intelligences is one of the benefits of a school located in a nature/country setting.


Culture and Language

Leaning will be enhanced by a comprehensive Canadian cultural experience in a total English language environment the teacher's home, the local neighborhood and small towns in the area. Learning a language includes learning about the culture. Language can only be fully understood and expressed in a cultural context. You will learn information about Canada to help you become comfortable in the language. Daily discussions about an aspect of Canadian culture will help prepare you for hands-on cultural experiences.


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