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Canada Language Study 


Live it to learn it.


A total immersion in the English language and Canadian culture.




Student Conduct and Dismissal Policy


Dispute Resolution Policy


Privacy Policy


Student Conduct and Dismissal Policy


Our vision is a community of intercultural understanding and healthy living.

To make this a reality, students are expected to treat others in a respectful manner. Cultural understanding begins with good personal relations.


Healthy living includes all aspects of life. Smoking is not allowed during the program. You must be a non-smoker. Alcohol is not allowed at the CLS homestay. Smoking or using alcohol at the CLS homestay will be reason for dismissal.


 Also, the following behviour is not acceptable and will be reason for discussion with the student and dismissal


Behaviour that is seen as threatening or causing:

a) harm or injury to another person or

b) damage to the teacher homestay property or other students property.


Behaviour or conduct that is unlawful/illegal is not tolerated and the student will be dismissed. Examples of illegal activities are a) physical aggression including use of weapons, anything that threatens or intimidates another person, or injury to another person, b) having illegal drugs, or c) vandalism.


Our goal is to provide a safe, secure and healthy environment.


Dispute Resolution Policy


If a student has a problem with anything that causes them concern such as the program, another student or staff member, the student should tell the teacher and put the concern in writing. The teacher will investigate the concern and meet with the student and try to resolve the issue. The student may have a friend or other person with them to help in the discussion. If the student is not satisfied with the answer, they have the option of changing programs, if necessary.  The normal refund policy will apply. The teacher will make every effort to assist the student to make the changes that are requested.


Privacy Policy


The privacy of your personal information is important to us. We will safeguard the information you give us. We collect this information only for the purpose of registering students. We will not give your personal information to anyone else, unless you give your permission in writing. Please note that sending information over the Internet is never completely secure.

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